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Creating a digital advantage and identity through technological design.

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Transform your brand with innovative design, web development, and SMM strategies. Take your business to the next level with Hermon Group.

We are a team of professionals specializing in creating a unique vision for brands. At our agency, we help brands become memorable and effective in the market.

We provide comprehensive solutions for full engagement with the target audience. Our design approach is generated based on the latest trends, focusing on emotion and logic.

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Identity development

Within 2.5 weeks, you will receive 3 unique concepts, regardless of the chosen plan. We will create a corporate style that highlights your best features, reflects the character of your brand, and distinguishes you from competitors.

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IMG 5: What Works for the World
мокап кейса Аврора Боралис
логотип для АтомСиз
мокап для бренда Paradox
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Website development

The development team specializes in creating websites of varying complexity. The work includes the development of a unique design, responsive layout, SEO optimization, as well as integration with social networks and analytical systems.

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IMG 9: Implementation from A to Z
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SMM and marketing

Our team offers a comprehensive planning strategy that includes marketing analysis, a content plan targeted at the audience, as well as analytics and reporting. We ensure continuous support, avoiding any feelings of abandonment among clients—we are always available for discussion.

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арт нейросетей
креатив из смм проекта
креатив из смм проекта.
IMG 10: Growth in Statistics
Case 11: SMM Creatives
Article 12: Use of Neural Networks
Case 13: SMM Management
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Our Portfolio

mockup Brand Identity «Youth Council»
mockup brand identity for «Whatevs»
mockup Corporate Identity «Platon»
МокаMockup Brand Identity Clinic «SL»п Айдентика бренда «Аврора Бореалис»
mockup Brand Identity "AtomPPE"
mockup Brand Identity "Creators"
mockup Corporate Identity «Paradox»
Logo for the project Brand Identity "Elbi"
mockup Brand Identity «SunShine»
© Collegiate Youth Association
© Streetwear Brand
© Consulting Firm
© Spanish School of Exact Sciences
© Detail Studio in LA
© Manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment
© Cosmetology Clinic
© Brand creating unique jewelry
© Electrical Products Supplier
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Our team

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Since the formation of our company, we have managed to gather phenomenal individuals into our team, who demonstrate their competencies and brilliance every day, for you!

Niki Lavrov
Ksenia Burina
Head of Design Department
Design Department
Dari Nefed
Lead Brand Designer
Alexandra Ponoma
Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Development Department
Igor Kulikov
Full-stack Developer
Ilya Krylov
Full-stack Developer
Ilya Ignatov
Tilda Developer
Marketing Department
Inna Shaerman
Head of SMM Department
Sofi Tyurina
Reels Maker
Kate Negoda
SMM Designer
Alexandra Minaeva
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